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26 Inexpensive Dream Veils under $100

26 Inexpensive Wedding Veils under $100…



Gone are the days where a bride must spend $400+ on their dream wedding veil.  These 26 stunning wedding veils are not only top quality, but are all under $100!

Click on the photo to see where to find them and how to purchase them…



26 Inexpensive Wedding Veils Under $100..

Chapel Veil $45


26 Dream Wedding Veil under $100

Sequined Lace Mantilla Veil $75


26 Dream Wedding Veils under $100

Lace Wedding Veil $99


26 Wedding Veils Under $100

French Beaded Lace Wedding Veil $98



26 Dream Wedding Veils under $100

Bow Veil $49


26 Dream Wedding Veils Under $100

Partial Lace Wedding Veil $98



Inexpensive Wedding Veils Under $100

Soft Drop Wedding Veil- $65

Inexpensive wedding veils under $100

Eyelash Lace Wedding Veil $65


26 Dream Wedding Veils Under $100

Alencon Eyelash Lace Wedding Veil $70


26 Inexpensive Wedding Veils under $100

Lace Mantilla Wedding Veil $98


Veils under $100

Lace Drop Veil $70


26 Wedding Veils Under $100

Lace Wedding Veil – $90


26 Wedding Veils under $100

Soft Wedding Veil $65


26 Dream Wedding Veils Under $100

Beaded Mantilla Lace Wedding Veil $98


Inexpensive Wedding Veils under $100 and how to find them...

Beaded Lace Wedding Veil- $78


26 Dream Wedding Veils under $100

Gorgeous Lace Veil $95


26 Dream Wedding Veils Under $100

Soft Classic Wedding Veil $45



26 Dream Wedding Veils under $100

Sheer Wedding Veil $62



26 Dream Wedding Veils Under $100

Soft Lace Wedding Veil $72



26 Dream Wedding Veils Under $100

Drop Lace Wedding Veil $92



26 Dream Wedding Veils Under $100

French Lace Veil$76



Inexpensive Wedding Veils under $98

Delicate Lace Wedding Veil $98

Interactive Wedding Veil Designer

Build Your Own Wedding Veil


Are you the type of bride who would love to see your options, rather than just envision them?

Good news for you!!

Blanca Veils just made it even easier for you to design your dream wedding veil! We just launched our new Interactive -Build Your Own Wedding Veil website. Where you can choose from the most popular styles, lengths, laces, and colors and see them all in real-time!

Our website will then give you a veil code to then simply email us and suddenly you, yourself are speaking “veil language”..! Easy as pie!

Interactive Wedding Veil Designer

BlancaVeils Interactive-Build Your Own Wedding Veil


I love this helpful tool for my brides, as it’s always my goal to make the shopping experience as easy as possible.

Now that you’ve designed your own wedding veil and chosen your style, you just need to decide on the perfect color for your wedding veil!


Many Blessings and Happy Wedding Planning,


Every bride deserves her dream veil!


How to choose the perfect wedding veil color for your dress.

What color wedding veil do I really need?

As a wedding veil designer, this is my most asked question.

“What color wedding veil do I need for my dress?”

Obviously, there are so many wedding dress designers out there. And most designers use their own unique name for their wedding dress line.

Understandably, they do this unique labeling of shades of white and ivory so their dress line will stand out among others, offer more shades,  sound more high end,  etc…but also I believe it is so a you, as a customer, will have a bit more difficult time knowing which shade you need if you decide to purchase your accessories elsewhere.

If your wedding dress designer labels your dress “Antique White Dove” you are sure to have a very hard time finding accessories labeled “antique white dove” unless  you buy them from them. Good move on their part, right?!  Read More

Order Your Custom Wedding Veil with

5 Easy Steps to Order Your Custom Wedding Veil…

Ordering your custom wedding veil is not as overwhelming as you may think. You may think you know very little about what style of wedding veil you need, or what lace looks best with your dress. However, these 5 easy steps will help walk you through this very simple ordering process.

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25 Dreamiest Affordable Wedding Veils…and how to find them!


Finding Your Perfect Dream Veil

You have so many options and styles when it comes to designing your perfect dream wedding veil that is not only a great fit for you and your dress, but is also a perfect fit for your budget.

Here are 25 of Blanca Veils most stunning wedding veils for this season that wont empty your wallet… Available in all colors!

You Must Pin Your Favorite!

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Choosing Your Perfect Style…

Understandably, most brides are very clueless when it comes to deciding on the perfect wedding veil…after all, this is probably your first time ever shopping for a wedding veil.

Even though, BlancaVeils has lots of options and affordable custom choices, deciding on the overall style of your veil is the very first step.

There are not set rules on wedding veils.

I’m sure you can envision how you want to look walking down the aisle on your big day. Us ladies, have been picturing that moment since we were little girls!

However, you are now afraid that the veil you envisioned wont match your dress style perfectly and you are overwhelmed with this last final detail of your look!

“What will everyone think if my veil style doesn’t match my dress !!??” 

Believe me when I say, if you don’t know the  unspoken “rules” of wedding veils, than no one at your wedding will either…  This is your one day! You should look exactly how you have always envisioned!

Do not over think it!

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