About Me


My name is Samantha.

 I am the owner and designer of Blanca Veils. 

I am a Christian, wife, daughter, sister, friend and of course a kick butt entrepreneur from a small town in Texas.

“Nice to meet y’all…”

I’ve always had a passion for business, glamour and helping others. But it wasn’t until after discovering how expensive wedding veils and accessories were during my wedding planning back in 2012,  that I made it my personal mission to create a company that is all about the bride and not about the bottom line…

I think EVERY bride should be able to afford to look glamorous on their big day!…

My company designs and hand creates gorgeous, high quality wedding veils that are actually affordable to the everyday bride.

Everything is handmade here in small town USA.

Blanca Veils is now one of the leading wedding veil manufacturers in the United States! Every month we ship thousands of lovely packages across the world to lucky brides and bridal salons.

Since I am on my way to conquering the business side of my company, I now am on a new mission to help every bride discover their options when it comes to accessorizing on their big day.

From color, length, lace and even style of veil..I am sharing my vast knowledge of being known around the web on many bridal blogs and bridal forums as the

“go-to wedding veil stylist”

…and I’m super proud of that title too.

Wishing you many blessings and happy wedding planning…


Handmade Wedding Veils

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