Wedding Veil Styles
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Build Your Own Wedding Veil

Interactive Wedding Veil Designer


Are you the type of bride who would love to see your options, rather than just envision them?

Good news for you!!

Blanca Veils just made it even easier for you to design your dream wedding veil! We just launched our new Interactive -Build Your Own Wedding Veil website. Where you can choose from the most popular styles, lengths, laces, and colors and see them all in real-time!

Our website will then give you a veil code to then simply email us and suddenly you, yourself are speaking “veil language”..! Easy as pie!

Interactive Wedding Veil Designer

BlancaVeils Interactive-Build Your Own Wedding Veil


I love this helpful tool for my brides, as it’s always my goal to make the shopping experience as easy as possible.

Now that you’ve designed your own wedding veil and chosen your style, you just need to decide on the perfect color for your wedding veil!


Many Blessings and Happy Wedding Planning,


Every bride deserves her dream veil!


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