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Choosing Your Perfect Style…

Understandably, most brides are very clueless when it comes to deciding on the perfect wedding veil…after all, this is probably your first time ever shopping for a wedding veil.

Even though, BlancaVeils has lots of options and affordable custom choices, deciding on the overall style of your veil is the very first step.

There are not set rules on wedding veils.

I’m sure you can envision how you want to look walking down the aisle on your big day. Us ladies, have been picturing that moment since we were little girls!

However, you are now afraid that the veil you envisioned wont match your dress style perfectly and you are overwhelmed with this last final detail of your look!

“What will everyone think if my veil style doesn’t match my dress !!??” 

Believe me when I say, if you don’t know the  unspoken “rules” of wedding veils, than no one at your wedding will either…  This is your one day! You should look exactly how you have always envisioned!

Do not over think it!

Wedding Veils Styles Explained

Single Tier Wedding Veil

This style of wedding veil is probably the most common veil style today. It is for the bride who knows they like the tradition of wearing a wedding veil, but not too sure if they want it to change their overall look too much. This style of veil will go with 100% of dresses. You can choose to have this veil be as decorative or understated as you’d like. Dress up the Single Tier Veil with lace, pearls, or rhinestones. Or opt for a more subtle look of a perfectly cut raw edge.  This is a safe style of veil for any bride, wearing any style of dress. You are sure to impress!

The single tier wedding veil style will not have a face cover (aka, blusher). However, a blusher can be added if desired.



Two-Tier Wedding Veils




Two Tiered Wedding Veils are probably the most traditional style of veil. This lovely look will give you lots of volume for that ultimate bridal look!

You can choose any length for your bottom layer and also any length for your top layer. Typically, the top layer of two tiered wedding veils are usually worn as a blusher or face cover.

Two tier veils can be very dramatic and are for the bride who always envisioned that wow moment when walking down the aisle!  And even for the bride who has the tradition at heart for having their veil lifted after being given away.


Mantilla Veils


The Mantilla Veil style is packed full of tradition. It’s a highly sought after style of veil for chapel weddings, as it allows for great shoulder coverage as many priest request.

It is a very soft, romantic style of veil that has no volume and lays flat on your hairline or lower on your head. Mantilla Wedding Veils are traditionally adorned with lace for the perfect finishing touch to any wedding dress style.

A comb is sewn under the mantilla veil’s lace for easy securing on your big day.

The mantilla veil will not allow for any face coverage as your walk the aisle, but is sure to be one of you favorite parts of your overall wedding day look.

Drop Veils

Be still my heart…Oh how I love Drop Veils!

Ok, I may be a bit partial as this was the style of veil I always envisioned wearing and actually did wear on my wedding day!

Drop veils are very ethereal. The look was made famous by Grace Kelly and more recently Princess Kate. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a Princess, right!?

Drop veils are the sheerest of all veils as they are a single piece of fabric that is laid, or “dropped” onto a brides head for an amazing glamorous look. Drop veils are typically pinned into your hair, but a comb can also be sewn into the drop veil if requested.

You can choose your length for your drop in the front and then also choose the length for the back of your drop veil. However, traditional drop veils will have a 33″ front waist blusher, which is standard at BlancaVeils too.

Drop Wedding Veils are finished with lace edging or left with a perfect cut raw edge for an even more soft, finishing look.

Drop Veils are for the bride who know they want a traditional look, but something that is more sheer and more understated than the voluminous two tier veil.

However, you are sure to love everything about your wedding day photos if you go with the drop veil. This style of veil makes for the most impressive bridal portraits!

The Juliette Veil

Modern, vintage, simple, elegant, dramatic…all at the same time. This Kate Moss style of veil is beyond gorgeous and is making a huge comeback in modern bridal look. It will match any look as it can be finished nicely with lace appliques or left completely raw edge for a very subtle finishing touch. Your options are unlimited when it comes to the styles and ways you can wear a Juliette Veil.

Now to decide on the finishing accents for your veil…

Still need help deciding?

Reach out to me! I’d love to be your personal wedding veil stylist too..



Many Blessings and Happy Wedding Planning,


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